myon AG | wireless EMG, acceletometers, intertial sensors

Underwater EMG + ACC & IMU systems.
Wireless IMU systems
Wireless EMG + ACC systems




EMG plus 3-axial ACC incl.

optional on-board memory

Low 14 ms fixed latency 

Light weight sensor 7.1 g

12 hours measuring

aktos - t


Wireless inertial system

286 Hz for raw or fused data 

​Light weight 5.3 g inertial units

Realtime and on-board memory

Optional waterproof

aktos - mini

Portable 12 hour recording

Pick and mix EMG / IMU units

Affordable 4 sensor solution

Bio-feedback / reporting software

Latest News

aktos nano released!

myon are pleased to announce the release of nano. This addition further complements our small light weight, wireless sensors which enable real time data collection even underwater! These capabilities open up many new applications ranging from medical analysis to the generation of computer animations. Read more

aktos mini and biofeedback software

myon have officially released the new pick and mix EMG and IMU units. Bundled into an affordable 4 sensor solution, the package includes accessible bio-feedback and reporting software. Analysis of muscle signal or joint angle in real-time and interaction with patients or subjects could not be easier. Read more