myon systems are suitable for a large number of professional applications. Some of the key applications are:

 •    Clinical: gait analysis and patient rehabilitation
•    Ergonomics: workplace and product design
•    Real time: patient bio feedback analysis and industrial virtual reality
•    Research: kinesiology and neuromuscular disorders
•    Sports science: training monitoring and optimisation analysis


myon sensors' provide objective measurement methods. Their data can be used to accurately devise and measure treatments rather than having reliance on visual impressions, notes or memory.


The small transmitters can be securely attached and used without disturbing the subject or the accuracy of the measurement. The real time transmission and data logging modes for example give flexible options for use inside and outside of the lab.


In design and manufacture, myon sensors can provide detailed records of user interaction with products and living spaces. This information can be useful for insuring a wide variety of ergonomic applications.


Our systems can help with motion measurement and analysis. A good example of an industry which has benefitted from this technology is the automotive industry.

Real time

Real time feedback gives a number of advantages across various industries. The viewing of real time data can help in directing the session or repeating trials.


Utilizing real time data to drive visualisations such as animations can help improve patients' understanding and cooperation.


The use of myon's quantitative measuring devices in research enables objective measurement methods. Studies can be more repeatable and as a result less open to criticism.


Our sensors provide both cost effective methods and high levels of accuracy. The waterproofing option even allows for applications such as swimmer performance analysis.

Sports science

Our sensors provide an excellent real-time analysis tool in sports performance. Unlike other technology it can be easily used outside of confined areas. The sensors can even be used underwater.

Sensors can be securely attached without effecting the wearers performance. They have even been successfully used on energetic racehorses without issue.

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